Asia Diligence provides global investigation services focusing on corporate entities and senior business people.

We specialize in offering a critical service to any client looking to make an investment or conduct business overseas, and particularly in the developing markets where profits can be high but company information is patchy, key intelligence is often hidden and legal recourse difficult.

Our services provide answers and key information that reveal frauds, risks and other hidden dangers that could cause financial, reputation or legal damage to our clients. We provide professional and comprehensive reports in a timely manner with exceptional levels of customer service to ensure that our clients are always satisfied with our services.
Our Services Include:
Due Diligence Investigations &
Company Background Checks
Essential checks on a company to ensure that it is legally solid with a good reputation and no known issues that could lead to future problems. The investigations focus on publicly available or accessible information including criminal, civil, bankruptcy and credit checks, media and database checks, physical visits and verifications as well as in-depth reputation and source information.
Individual Background Checks
Pre- and post- employment checks and pre-transaction checks that will identify the reputation, legal, financial, education and employment background of the individual. Ensuring a potential employee or business partner is not hiding anything or falsely presenting themself.
Individual & Corporate Investigations
Discreet investigations to cover instances including integrity issues such as corruption and bribery, market perception and research, breaches of contracts, trading history, fraud investigations, location verifications, counterfeit and copyright infringements.
Global Compliance Investigations
Global investigations to determine compliance with the FCPA and UK Bribery Act 2010. Specially tailored investigative programs to provide vendor and partner compliance checks for the mitigation of financial, reputational and legal damage.
Asset Traces
Location & identification of a company or individual’s assets through searches of public information and discreet enquiries to target vehicles, property, company shareholdings & ownership, financial integrity and negative credit records.
The focus of all of our services is to reveal as much information about a subject or subjects, in order that our clients can make important decisions in the confidence that they are in possession of all the relevant facts.